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Fanfic 100 start - If I Fell

Well here's the start of my fanfic 100 challenge i have undertaken for Paul/Ian. I have quite a few written so they'll go up when i have the time. I would suggest reading them in order as they may make references to the others. Most are 1000 - 2000 words on various themes and aspects of their relationship. All of them are named after Beatles songs because they make great titles and it means i don't have to think up them myself.

Remember to comment if you do read my fics as i feel lonely and unloved because i don't think anyone is reading these. Maybe it'll pick up again when HIGNFY starts in October...

This is the first one:

Title: If I Fell
Length: 963 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: Air
AN: Just a short little piece of fluff


A lazy autumn afternoon... Nothing to do at Paul’s we set out for a walk, he did live in a rural village after all. Nowhere special, just a walk.

Wrapped up in jumpers and with hands buried in pockets, we set off. We would transfer them into each other’s pockets once we were properly alone. Paul had his travelling hat on too.

I never told him but I like that hat. It suits him and it always went on holiday with him, something I wish I could do.

We set off across some fields; Paul knew the way. He larked about of course, hiding behind bushes or pretending to fall over. He acted childishly, pointing out every animal we saw, and tried to catch the many bugs we encountered, but they outwitted him, a rare occurrence.

“Hey Ian, catch!”

A lump of dry, fallen leaves were thrown at me. I of course failed to catch them. I now see why Paul brought us to a wood.

He was off again, having finished gloating at me, to another tree. I followed him trying to be in good spirits as I brushed the leaves from my jumper.

“Conkers!” I could tell he was being deliberately childish but he still enjoyed it and I still found it adorable. The upside to being a kid in an adult’s body is height which meant he could collect the conkers from the tree easily where as I would have had to jump for them.

After collecting the conkers, he moved on to harvest the other trees which mainly consisted of nuts neither of us knew what to do with. Pretty soon, I was being pelted with nuts so ran after him through the dead leaves littering the forest. He tripped slightly giving me opportunity to catch up.

In tripping though, his hat fell off somewhat allowing the wind to catch it and find it a new home in a nearby sycamore. We stared up at it.

Paul knew there was no way either of us could reach that high and began to look like he might cry.

“My hat...” I stood beside him looking up at it helplessly.

After trying jumping, he took out the conkers he had collected earlier, maybe for this very purpose, and started throwing them up trying to dislodge it. No matter how many hit though the hat stayed stuck.

Paul really did look like he might cry now. I wanted to do something but couldn’t think of anything short of climbing the tree.

“My hat... I loved that hat...” He sounded like he had given up all hope already but that just wasn’t like Paul. I had to think of some way to get it down. I first tried shaking the tree with a hand from Paul, we waited for the wind, but it wasn’t strong enough. Nothing we threw was good enough. His hat was soundly stuck.

Paul looked like he had given up by now and turned to go, muttering he would check again in a couple of days. I wasn’t going to wait that long.

“Ian? Ian what are you doing?!”

Be brave Ian.

“You can’t be serious!”

This was for Paul.

I had climbed the tree and regretted it now. The branch was steady for the moment or at least looked it.

“You’re a hamster not a squirrel Ian!” Paul was standing below me, looking up at me for once. No time to gloat about that though.

I edged slowly out onto the branch, regretting every moment climbing up here. Why couldn’t I have just left the hat? It was only a hat. Just because it was Paul’s, just because it meant a lot to him I would pretty much risk my life for it. Love really is a daft thing to get into sometimes.

My feet still touching the trunk, I reached out almost horizontally to the white hat which was snagged on a twig and unhooked it, getting one finger to it so I could pull it back into my hand. Paul cheered slightly but still looked worried when I smiled down at him.

“Thanks, but maybe you should think about climbing down now.”

“Can’t. I think the branch is about to go.” I was still smiling at him curiously. The branch felt a little like it was beginning to give.

“You’re joking, right?” Paul looked apprehensive with good reason.

“Sad to say I’m not...” The smile was beginning to fade as I looked back at my feet slowly getting higher as I sank.

“Oh crap! Ian get down from there!”

“I think I may be about to do that Paul!”

Why did I climb up here?

Why oh why?

All to make Paul happy.

The branch went.

I fell through the air of course as I can’t hover and landed on Paul who had kindly moved to catch me. His knees buckled and we collapsed into the pile of sycamore leaves pooled around the base of the tree.

“Ian! Are you alright?!”

“Oww... I’m fine...” I wasn’t too badly hurt, a little bruised and shocked but not hurt.

“Oh thank God! What the hell were you doing?!” I removed the branch from between us as we curled up together against the base of the tree.

“Your hat.” I returned it. He sighed and took it, inspecting it for damage before putting it firmly on my head.

“You’re really stupid sometimes... Thanks.” I knew what he meant.

We got up after a while and walked off again, one of our hands always on his hat just in case. He stopped to pick up some more conkers before heading home.

I guess this day just proves I really would do anything for Paul, or his hat.


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